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The hardest part of sales & marketing in multi-million turnover businesses.

By December 6, 2019 December 12th, 2019 No Comments

Turnover’s great, marketing’s fine.. we don’t need any help, thank you. This is very common in businesses with multi-million pound turnover. But is it really true?

If you’re in a multi-million pound turnover business, your sales and marketing teams will be doing a lot of things very well.

But whenever the sales targets go up, there’s more to do and even less time to do it.

As a result, although your teams should be testing different solutions and results continuously, they are in the thick of it. They don’t have the time to look at everything that actually happens properly.

And neither do your sales teams. Everyone is busy, busy, busy getting new or repeat business.

But what if you could get an extra 3%, 5% or 10% of return out of the budget you’re already spending? Would that not make a tremendous difference to your business?

At Savanna Bison, we provide concise assessments of Sales and Marketing activity (and other departments) and lists of details and game changing actions to allow you to squeeze out more return on your existing budgets.

The reality is that no-one in your internal teams has the time to do this job properly, but if you want to improve a department, you must first start by truly understanding what can be bettered. Check out this other video on How to Improve And Business Department – and the Top 5 challenges to look out for!

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