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The biggest inefficiency that looses in-house marketing departments PROFIT!

By December 6, 2019 December 12th, 2019 No Comments

Efficiency for your in-house Marketing and Creative team is NOT the same as it is for the rest of your business… because creativity requires a different environment than normal operations.

This is vital to know if you (like so many businesses in Cheshire, Manchester and the NW) are building your own in-house teams to save on external agency cost.

  1. Universities don’t teach the fundamentals of creativity anymore – they focus on the technical delivery / software bit.
  2. If you’re hiring graduates hoping to mould them to your business, they won’t have learnt the vital skills needed to excel.
  3. To get the most out of your creative team, you need to acknowledge that they are different from the rest of your business. They are your IHA or In-House Agency.

The biggest inefficiency loosing your IHA and business hard earned PROFIT, is that they’re not producing solutions or ideas that truly ROCK because they are skipping out the sketching stage for layouts and concepts at the front end.

To you it may sound odd and possibly in-efficient, but I guarantee that with the right guidance and project structure established internally – it will push your marketing to the next level.

And as they’re a completely different type of team, who work in a completely different way to the rest of your business… how can you expect to manage them to their utmost potential?

Step 1.  Let them manage you like an agency would manage a client.

Step 2.  Allow them to dress how they want and build their own creative environment. Music is allowed.

Step 3.  Enforce sketches to develop ideas for all campaigns.

Step 4.  Ensure processes are in place to support project and deadline management.

Step 5.  Watch as your team start to create better and better campaigns that get your Brand noticed!!

If you’re building an IHA and want to make sure you’re getting the very best ROI on the extra hassle and salaries you’ve taken on, book a Free Review with a Creative Team Specialist today.