How we help

As business consultants in Cheshire, we work with you to increase the performance and profitability of particular departments within your business. We do this for you by providing independent assessments and recommendations, backed by highly experienced, UK-wide consultants and professionals within their own fields.

We’re different because we talk face-to-face with a cross section of your people from across your business, to get at all the unknown truths hidden within. We protect all employees and bring the findings back to our panel of business professionals, who thrash out the best solutions worth bringing to your attention.

Everything we do is for your business and leadership benefit. Where possible we’ll help you put the right internal or external people in place who suit your needs, to help you carry out our recommendations.

Our Primary Panel consists of 5 key people

Together we create your very own Power-Board to debate the challenges your business faces, and together create a MAP of intelligent solutions your complete company can drive forward with in confidence.

Firstly, we have the consultant who has delivered your GrowthMAP who is an independent business consultant with at least 15 years experience in his or her field.

A Digital Agency Owner

  • Retail Trade Marketing Manager at News UK 1991-2004
  • Owner at Blue Monkey Marketing since 2004
  • Managing Director at Chameleon Data and Marketing PTY 2013-2014
  • Co-founder at Digital Agency Wild Herbert since 2016
  • Head of Retail and Business Development at Martin Dawes 2016-2019

A Business Growth & Leadership Expert

  • Senior Area Sales Manager for Clarks 1978-2001
  • UK Ops Director for Mulberry 2001-2002
  • Regional Operations SE for Waterstones 2002-2004
  • Marketing Strategist and Business Consultant since 2004
  • Business Growth Expert and Leadership Specialist since 2012

A Retired Managing Director from Manufacturing

  • Financial Director for Gadrite Limited 1975-1981
  • Managing, Financial & Group Director for Gradus Group Limited over 1981-1988
  • CEO for Gradus Carpets 1989-1992
  • Business Sales Consultant for Frosch Learning 1992-2000
  • Development Director for Quantum Profile Systems 2000-2002
  • Managing Director for Quantum Profile Systems 2002-2015

And lastly, the Founder of Savanna Bison

  • MD & Owner of moocreations Design Agency 2006-2018
  • Sales and Marketing, Digital and Print Consultant since 2009
  • Relationship Sales and Marketing Strategy Expert

Our Master Assessment Process covers 6 strategic points.

  1. Strategy & Leadership
  2. Finance & Cashflow
  3. Sales & Marketing
  4. HR & Culture
  5. IT & Systems
  6. Operations & Production
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