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How to improve any Business Department… and the Top 5 Challenges to watch out for

By December 5, 2019 December 17th, 2019 No Comments

The best piece of business consultancy advice I can give to business Directors in Manchester, looking to improve the performance of their Sales & Marketing teams (or indeed any department) is this:

Ask your people about the challenges they have before you do anything else.


  1. Don’t bother if you think an online survey will suffice.
  2. Don’t bother if you’re not going to listen to their answers.
  3. Don’t bother if you’re not truly interested in solving their big hurdles.

Why are those important?

For any department to be improved, you first have to take the time to understand where it’s being held back. This can be difficult to accept especially when your business is doing really well. But I promise you, there are improvements that can be made to every department that will bring game changing advantages.

Whether it’s;

  • Sales & Marketing,
  • Strategy & Leadership,
  • Systems & Processes,
  • Operations & Production,
  • Finance & Cashflow or
  • HR & Culture…

Which of those is YOUR biggest hurdle between where you are now, and getting your business to the next level?

Once you know the answer, you’re already ahead of your competition.

The real question is – what will you do next?