How Christmas cards can help you nail direct mail in 2020.

By December 24, 2019 No Comments

Christmas cards are a great example of how direct mail should work.

The steps are simple, and the emotion is powerful.

  • The envelope is addressed personally.
  • The stamp is seasonal.
  • The message is golden and written for you alone.
  • You feel thought of. Loved. And grateful.

Quite simply – they are genuine.

Too many businesses try and force crap corporate messages or gifts down peoples throats in an attempt to get noticed. It doesn’t work.

And it doesn’t work because they make these 4 mistakes;

  1. Poor personalisation or personality.
  2. Complicated writing that doesn’t align with the pains the person actually has, quickly, means you loose.
  3. Inspires no positive emotional response from the reader.
  4. Gives them nothing of value they feel grateful for.

Direct mail forms a valuable part of communicating with your target audience as part of a wider strategy if you actually do it right.

Talk to Chris about getting a review of your direct mail or marketing for 2020.

Happy Christmas!