A successful family business experiencing issues identified internally as sales and marketing communications. The GrowthMAP process revealed which people, systems and planning gaps across the business were limiting efficiency, performance and sales potential, and how to address them to take the business to the next level.
BG Fencing
Builders Merchants
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As an established division of a wider global group, the management team had identified issues around lead generation and conversion rates. Their GrowthMAP went deeper and where internal and external brand confusion was causing issues, how sales process could be supported better, and where communications with clients and prospects could maximise business growth potential.
Exam Works
Investigation Services
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Fantastic business with over 80 staff identified a management disconnect with their internal creative team. Their GrowthMAP discovered an unconscious creativity-cap on the creative division connected to missing processes and over-dependence on management. Their specialist GrowthMAP Guru also identified
where client engagement could be improved across different scenarios in the business, and strategies to increase conversion rate on prospects. We worked extensively with their creative teams to structure an efficient process to maximise output and reduce wastage on a per project basis.
Equilibrium Asset Management
Wealth Management
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A large organisation supporting specialist solicitors within UK firms handling predominantly injury related claims. Having grown very quickly, we identified where certain processes needed to be streamlined, where extra people support was needed in certain divisions, and the long term positive impact of maintaining a strong training team. During the process we also identified a new revenue stream which had the potential to deliver 25% of their annual growth target.
Medico Legal Agency
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