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As a business, are you struggling with leads?

By November 8, 2019 December 12th, 2019 No Comments

If your business is seeing a dip in leads from existing sources, or if you are trying and failing to get more leads, there are 8 areas you need to address with your internal or external marketing support teams, or both.

  1. Which marketing activity is causing the biggest drop off of leads?

You should be able to see as a business which area of leads is suffering the most in comparison to previous years. If it’s one area, you should be able to diagnose and resolve the issues with the teams you already have in place. If you can’t, you’ll need an external set of eyes to have a look, or it may be that some of these other areas need addressing.

  1. Is your Marketing Strategy good enough?

Is the strategy wide and deep enough? Have the behaviours of your target audience changed? Does the strategy make it easy for them to engage with your business and drive their enquiry forward? Or, if the strategy is superb, do the teams you have in place, actually have the time to make sure it is fully delivered?

  1. Is it your message?

Is how you say, what you say still effective? Is it human enough or is it all marketing blurb and nonsense that your customers don’t actually care about?

  1. Is it the level of creativity coming from the teams?

How do you find this out? How do you go about improving it? Is the creative culture in the business as good as it could be? Are they as excited as they should be? Are their ideas still original or have they grown stale?

  1. Is the team at fault?

If your team is external this is difficult to manage and needs an open and honest conversation – providing you have a good working relationship. If your team is internal, how do you fix it? Do people need training, replacing, adding to… and in what field will those improvements be?

  1. Are competitors hurting you where previously you dominated?

Is the lack of leads a result of a competitor spending more money, or having a more appealing message, or attracting more market share through different sources you do not?

  1. Do you need to try something different?
  2. If so – what the hell do you choose?

With such a vast market and a high risk of wasting money on initiatives that may not deliver, knowing what to choose is often a gamble at best!

If your business is struggling with leads, all these questions need answering honestly and openly. Assessing the information objectively is key so that you get recommendations based on what suits your business timeframes, budgets and internal resources… NOT, what a specialist supplier wants to sell you.

Start by looking at the current performance of your activities and working out if it’s 1 or more than 1 area. Alternatively, if time is an issue, book a discovery call in to explain your situation and see if we can help you.