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6 Ultimate Must-Haves for an Awesome Marketing Team!

By November 13, 2019 December 12th, 2019 No Comments

Word-of-mouth marketing can only ever take a business so far. Whenever you start marketing your business actively there are 3 main options available;

  1. Source and work with external agencies – singular or multiple.
  2. Recruit and build your own team from the ground up.
  3. Mix a bit of both.

More and more now we see businesses saving thousands of pounds by building their own in-house agencies, but it’s not for everyone, and often, there’s still an element of outsourcing.

It might be a few singular freelancers, or a few agencies, depending on what internal skill sets you have focussed on.

Regardless of your chosen mix, this checklist of 6 Must-Haves, is key to ensuring your marketing team are as awesome as they can possibly be.

  1. Does everyone in the team understand the master plan, and their role within it?
  2. Can everyone in the marketing team tell you on the spot, about how your business makes the lives of your customers easier, who they are, what they look like, their buying behaviours and cycles?
  3. Is your team producing maximum creativity, or are ideas all a bit the same?
  4. Is the marketing team autonomous in terms of managing and delivering on deadlines without too much stress from Directors?
  5. Do they love testing, measuring and improving – and do you see this side of their work?
  6. Are they generating you results that make their department and your business as profitable as possible?

Get out there and run through this checklist with your teams. If you come across any weak areas, schedule a call with one of our Sales & Marketing Experts to see how we can help you revitalise your Marketing team!