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view of how to increase business

or departmental profitability

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As Directors, you want every department to be as profitable as possible.

But that’s often easier said than done.

With so many moving parts, running a business is tough. If a particular department needs to be better, or if growth is required, taking the time to do the groundwork is a big pain. Why? Because everyone in your business is too busy to find the best solutions and explore the market in the time frames you really want.

Plus, the pressure is on you to know all the answers, but in todays world that is often unrealistic.

And in such a competitive, sales-led market-place, getting truly objective recommendations on how to get the best results for any given activity, is virtually impossible.

Hence our drive to change the world of consultancy. We know successful businesses don’t rely on one perspective or decision maker, which is why we bring intelligent business leaders and consultants of different disciplines together, to create a Power-Board that plugs into your business.

Our national consultants work to a set framework to show you what is and is not working, and what to do about it, in the best possible way to suit YOUR business needs.

If you’re worried about;

  1. Wasting money on inappropriate solutions
  2. Having unknown truths in your business that limit team performance and engagement or
  3. Failing to achieve the increased profitability your business deserves

And would like;

  1. Access to all the facts to make your decision-making easier
  2. A full range of panel-approved solutions to choose from
  3. Unbiased signposting to the best support for YOU
  4. A clear list of actions to hold your teams accountable to
  5. A friendly face to keep you and the Board accountable
  6. A business that can grow stronger
  7. Higher profitability to enjoy

Business Consultants Cheshire – Business Consultancy Cheshire

Savanna Bison are a business consultancy based in central Manchester, and we are dedicated to helping you get more out of your business.


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